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07-01-2014, 07:07 PM
Mezzmo lets you customize the titles for your media files using Display Titles.

You can set display titles for the files your Mezzmo library using the Display Titles dialog.

Go to the Options dialog (General page) and click the Display Titles... button to display the Display Titles dialog.


Each type of media file is listed so you can customize each type of file as you like.

Click the Add Keyword button to add a keyword.

Click the Presets button for some recommended title styles.

07-01-2014, 07:11 PM
Mezzmo uses Display Title Keywords to let you define what parts of a file's metadata you want to use in the title. Example display title keywords are %TITLE%, %ALBUM%, %ARTIST%, %TRACK%, %SERIES%, %SEASON% and %EPISODE%. Click the Add Keyword to see the full list of keywords available to you.


For example, you may have a music file "Coldplay_Yellow.mp3", where the associated metadata is Title = Yellow, Artist = Coldplay, Album = Parachutes, Track = 5. Using display title keywords, you can create titles like this:

%TITLE% will create a title "Yellow"
Track %TRACK%: %TITLE% will create a title "Track 05: Yellow"
%ALBUM% - %TRACK% will create a title "Parachutes - 05"
%ARTIST% -%ALBUM% - %TRACK% will create a title "Coldplay - Parachutes - 05"

07-01-2014, 07:14 PM
If you want to display the file name as the title, then you simply need to use the %FILENAME% keyword. For example:


07-01-2014, 07:26 PM
Some of the devices in your home that you stream to may sort the list of files in a playlist or folder alphabetically and ignore the order of the files that Mezzmo server has delivered to the device.

This can be very annoying since you may want to see your files listed in track order, or episode order, or recently added order, or most played order, etc. Kodi/XBMC media player and certain models of Samsung TVs and BDP Blu-ray players have this sorting problem.

To work around this problem, Mezzmo lets you add the %FILECOUNTER% keyword to your display titles. This lets you add an index counter prefix to your titles to 'trick' the device's firmware sorting.

For example, using %FILECOUNTER% a list of movies may look like:

001 Inception
002 Hunger Games
003 Star Trek
004 A Beautiful Mind
999 Catch Me If You Can

See this example how to add %FILECOUNTER%:


07-01-2014, 07:34 PM
You can set different display titles for files in particular playlists and folders. This allows you to override your display titles settings in the Options dialog (General page).

Right-click on a playlist or folder and click Properties to display the playlist or folder's Properties dialog.


On the Properties dialog, click the Display Titles button to set display titles for files contained in the playlist or folder.

Tip: Click the Default Settings button on the Display Titles dialog to revert back to the global display titles that you have set in the Options dialog (General page).

07-02-2014, 01:33 PM
If you want to change the way the titles for your TV shows are displayed, then you can use the %SERIES%, %SEASON%, %EPISODE% and %TITLE% keywords in the TV Series edit box.

For example, you may have a video file "Game Of Thrones S01E05.MKV", where the associated metadata is Title = The Wolf and the Lion, Series = Game Of Thrones, Season = 1, Episode = 5. Using display title keywords, you can create titles like this:

%TITLE% will create a title "The Wolf and the Lion"
E%EPISODE%: %TITLE% will create a title "E005: The Wolf and the Lion"
S%SEASON% E%EPISODE%: %TITLE% will create a title "S001 E005: The Wolf and the Lion"
%SERIES%: S%SEASON% E%EPISODE%: %TITLE% will create a title "The Game Of Thrones: S001 E005: The Wolf and the Lion"

Click the Presets button next to TV series edit box to see popular title styles.