View Full Version : Mezzmo and ZoneAlarm Firewall

09-30-2010, 05:49 PM
A few users have reported that they cannot see Mezzmo on their DLNA device (TV, Blu-ray, home theater, etc.) and that they have ZoneAlarm Firewall installed on their computer. The reason is usually that since ZoneAlarm is a firewall, it is blocking Mezzmo's server from accessing your home network.

Follow these instructions to get Mezzmo working with ZoneAlarm:

1. Start ZoneAlarm and display its main window.

2. In ZoneAlarm, go to the Program Control section and click Programs.

3. If Mezzmo Media Server is not listed, then click the Add button and browse to your Mezzmo program folder (typically C:\Program Files\Conceiva\Mezzmo or C:\Program Files (x86)\Conceiva\Mezzmo if you are running 64-bit Windows). Select MezzmoMediaServer.exe. You should now have Mezzmo Media Server listed in ZoneAlarm's program list.

4. Click on Auto next to Mezzmo Media Server in the list and click Custom.

5. Click on each Question Mark next to Mezzmo Media Server in the list and click Allow (tick). You should see all ticks for Mezzmo Media Server in the list.

6. Close the ZoneAlarm window.

7. Start Mezzmo and stop and start your Media Server using the toolbar button.

8. Check for any popup messages from ZoneAlarm relating to Mezzmo Media Server and make sure you Accept/Allow them. If you don't, then Mezzmo Media Server will remain blocked on your home network.

You should now see Mezzmo listed on your DLNA device. If not, you may need to scan for DLNA servers using your DLNA device's menus, or try switching off and on your DLNA device to force it to find media servers on your home network.