View Full Version : Mezzmo v4.1.0.0 is available now!

10-31-2014, 03:29 PM
A new version of Mezzmo has been released and is available for download now! New features and improvements include:

New: Updated user interface with better looking artwork and information for your files, playlists and folders.
New: Information view. Double-click on a thumbnail to view great-looking poster artwork, backdrops and text metadata for the selected file. Click on the stars to change your rating for a file. Click on the Edit button to display the Properties dialog. Click on the Previous or Next button to view other files. Click on the List button to return back to Thumbnail view.
New: Play To menu. Right-click on a file and click "Play To" menu to select a device to push the selected file to for immediate playback. Or, right-click on a folder or playlist in Mezzmo and click "Play To" menu to select a device to push the all files in the folder or playlist for immediate playback.
New: Play To pane. Use the Play To pane to control playback on your devices - including Play, Stop, Pause, Seek, Next File, Previous File, Random Shuffle, Repeat Playlist, Repeat File, Photo Slideshow, Volume, Mute.
New: Maintain Files. Right-click on a file and click "Maintain Files" to maintain the selected file. Or, select multiple files and right-click on them to maintain multiple files.
New: Maintain files in a sub-folder or sub-playlist. Right-click on a sub-folder or sub-playlist and click "Maintain Playlist" to maintain the files in the sub-folder or sub-playlist.
New: Two new playlists added - "Movies (Unwatched)" and "TV series (Unwatched)" so that you can view what movies and TV shows you have not yet watched.
New: Embedded subtitles automatically burnt into transcoded video for devices that do not support external or embedded subtitles.
New: Support for streaming subtitles to Google Chromecast dongles (via Mezzmo Android app).
New: Support for TTML and WebVTT subtitle formats.
New: Commandline parameter to exit Mezzmo app when commandline task completes. Usage: Mezzmo.exe /Maintenance /ExitOnComplete
New: Support for .MKA music format.
New: Support for Sony Bravia TVs (2014 models).
New: Support for Panasonic Viera TVs (2014 models).
New: Support for Sharp Aquos TVs (2014 models).
New: Support for Sony BDP Blu-ray players, HT home theaters, SMP streaming media players (2014 models).
New: Support for Bang & Olufsen BeoSystem 4 TVs.
New: Support for Bush TVs.
New: Support for Micca MPLAY-HD media players.
New: Support for Asus Cube Google TVs.
New: Support for Huawei EC2218SS set top boxes.
New: Support for Hisense TVs.
New: Support for Imagination Technologies Pure Connect.
New: Support for Vodafone Box router.
New: Mezzmo (Android) app now available to Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV users.
Improved: Detection and reading of ripped DVDs and Blu-rays.
Improved: Handling subtitles from ripped DVDs and Blu-rays.
Improved: Handling smart filter rules for multi-value attributes in smart playlists and active playlists. Multi-value attributes include Actor, Album, Artist, Category, Creator, Director, Genre, Keyword, Producer, Production Company, Series and Writer. Example: [Genre][contains][Comedy] AND [Genre][contains][Drama] AND [Genre][does not contain][Horror].
Improved: Network Media pane displays artwork for media servers and their folders & playlists.
Improved: Faster listing of files from folders on DLNA devices.
Improved: WMVCORE.DLL no longer required when installing and running Mezzmo. For Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 users, this means you no longer require the Windows Desktop Experience component to be installed.
Improved: Better support for reading tags from .NFO external metadata files.
Improved: Retrieving album artwork for music files.
Fixed: Sorting files by Display Titles is not working on non-English language Mezzmo.
Fixed: Artwork not displayed on Onkyo receivers.
Fixed: User-generated .MTA chapter files read and streamed to Samsung TV and Blu-ray players.
Fixed: Mezzmo (Windows) app slow to close when exiting.
Fixed: Various crashes reported by users.
Removed: Search pane (replaced with Search Results in Mezzmo tree).
Removed: CD/DVD burning and Stuff To Burn features (not required for media streaming).
Removed: File Browser pane (replaced with drag and drop from Windows Explorer).

Please use Help -> Check for Updates or directly download from http://www.conceiva.com/downloads/mezzmo-setup.exe