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11-14-2010, 07:45 AM

i'm currently using a trial version of Mezzmo and i think it'll be the
first non OS, non game application i pay for, so gj Conceiva team :).

I have some suggestions worth considering to make your app even better.
Some of them could have been suggested earlier, some of them may be
implemented already, but I'm new to this software and still a little exited
with it so forgive me :). Here are they:

The subject of adult content have been brought up already. My idea to
do this is to add a special content protection option to playlists and
folders. Mezzmo would only serve content from these lists in 2 cases: 1) in
defined time windows (when parents are at home and can control DLNA
devices eg. at night) Simple day-of week schedule would be fine. 2) after
manually unlocking that content (with password). The content would be
automatically locked again after some predefined idle time. Both options
would be also device-wise enabled.
Adding multiple audio streams support. If choosing stream would not be
possible from client device using language priority list would be very
Same idea for subtitle support. This would require in most cases
reading subs from many files with of course different names. Defining a
template for the names should do the trick.
Support for user defined tags (photo, video and audio). I would love to
make video playlists based on eg. movie language or director. It can be
difficult for some old video formats like avi, but i think there are some
apps out there that can do this.
More options to build playlists based on files technical information
(like you do for file format - mp3/flac/ogg or avi/mp4/mkv and resolution).
The next one could be number of audio channels - mono/stereo/4.1/5.1/ etc.
or codec used. It could be used to distinct low/high quality video content.
Saving somewhere information if playing file succeeded on a device or
not, transcoded was necessary or not. Ability to send the info to you
after user agreed to this with device exact type.
Support for subtitles in UTF, ISO-latin1, ISO-latin2...
Ability to automatically download information about content for video
(imdb.com, filmweb.pl...) or audio. I think video would take the most
advantage from this option. Save them in metadata in file or in mezzmo db

best regards,

11-15-2010, 05:19 AM
I didn't know earlier that even mobile phones can be DLNA devices. Today I found out and started a little testing Mezzmo with my Nokia E52. If u prepared a set of testing files (especially video) to download by forum users, both they, and Conceiva would benefit from this.

Users have many devices they would love to use with your neat DLNA server, and it would be much easier to do with a set of prepared with different audio/video codecs files. You would have some testing on even exotic devices done. If of course users would share their observations or better *.prf files.


11-15-2010, 10:16 AM
Many thanks for your excellent suggestions. Some ideas are already on our "todo" list, but I'll make sure your other ideas get added as well.