View Full Version : Amazon Fire TV 4K

12-18-2016, 06:46 AM
I just wondered if there is a device profile for the Amazon Fire TV. I have just got one, set it up and installed Mezzmo App on it.

It all works and the streaming is great. The added extra of seeing all the metadata is fantastic.

The only issue I have is all my streamed video from my Mezzmo media server is in stereo even though it is all encoded in Dolby Digital. My amp is detecting just stereo.

Looking on my Mezzmo server, the device has registered as unknown so wondered what should be the profile this is seeing.

I have also now installed MX Player and using that but still getting only stereo rather than Dolby Digital/DTS etc. If I plug my Blu-Ray player into the HDMI input on my amp that the Fire TV is in, then it all plays in full AC3/DTS surround so I know the amp config is fine. I have checked on the Fire TV and it is set to Dolby Digital over HDMI so I cannot see any other reason other than the profile that is setting it to setreo.

12-19-2016, 10:33 AM
the Mezzmo app does not currently support passthrough so audio encoded in Dolby Digital or DTS will be decoded to stereo when played in the app. I suspect MX Player will also have this problem. You can try installing the Kodi app and using the Mezzmo Kodi plugin as Kodi has support for using passthrough.