View Full Version : PLEASE HELP! - Mezzmomediaservice.txt log file is huge! 8Gb

11-26-2010, 09:13 PM
Hi all, first post here, please be gentle !

I'm trialling Mezzmo for the first time, installed on Windows Home Server SP2. I installed 2 days ago and have trialled playback on a DLNA TV once.

My media library is on D:\ which is a 2.5Tb pool of 3 drives, with 1Tb of free space. Media library is 738Gb, about 34,000 files.

My OS partition is 20Gb which is ample under normal circumstances...

Immediately after install I moved the Temporary Files location to a folder on D:\

Today I saw Free Space errors on C:\ and went looking. Mezzmomediaservice.txt is over 8Gb in size and growing, and is being written to

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Conceiva\Logs\MezzmoMediaServer.exe

also, the .db files were created in

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Conceiva\Mezzmo

and are being updated there and not on D:\

I guess can turn off logging to prevent the Mezzmomediaservice.txt file getting any bigger, but why on earth would it be so huge after just 2 days and why isn't it being written to the folder I specced on D:\ ?

I'm new to Mezzmo so I would well have missed something obvious.

Any advice much appreciated! Thank you :)

11-27-2010, 12:45 AM
Logging is only meant to be enabled temporarily for troubleshooting. It dumps virtually every single UPNP packet that is being generated/received to a file. You should keep logging disabled, and only turn it on for short periods of time when trying to troubleshoot a specific issue.

11-29-2010, 09:23 AM
Thank you, I must have enabled logging in error when setting up.