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06-16-2017, 05:12 PM
One of the things DownloadStudio spends a lot of time doing for me is downloading podcasts. I use QuiteRSS to subscribe to podcast feeds, then copy the download link to the clipboard, where DLS finds it and downloads it.

Recently, the three or four Acast-hosted podcasts I get have stopped working like that.

Here's an example of a link:


(Parental advisory: IRL_UK is funny but not suitable for the sensitive!)

Now: what /used/ to happen was that DLS would try to download the link and after a few seconds the link would resolve to a downloadable file, which I'd download to the folder all my podcasts go into (not that it's relevant but I'm currently about 6 months behind the times, so I make playlists of files in chronological order, which is easier if everything's together.) Now, those links never seem to resolve and I can now only download them by visiting the website and hoping to find a download option (Acast are geared, it seems, more to streaming than downloading :( )

So there may be nothing you can do, it might be all Acast's fault -- but I think, from the limited research I've been able to do, that their load balancers don't just redirect once but twice, and the fact they use https:// links may also be relevant.

This morning, I was only able to download this one:


by using QuiteRSS's save facilities (which never used to work very well but it's just had an update and today it worked.)

Has anyone found a solution to the Acast issue?

06-19-2017, 09:34 AM
I tried downloading both of the link examples and both worked with DownloadStudio. Possibly the site is limiting access so you can try setting the download to use only 1 split and this may help.