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10-24-2017, 12:41 PM
When video matches device codec capabilities video does not get transcoded. So far so good ... but in many cases codec is OK, but video is tagged as rotated and device can not handle rotate tag (in my case Samsung D). Is there is a way to force transcoding of such videos? Maybe editing device profile? I can manually order transcoding from Mezzmo interface, but this is tedious! And even than I must chose full transcoding (no remuxing).
Obviously, if source video uses incompatible codec everything is OK, because FFMpeg before conversion rotates video according to the rotation tag.

10-24-2017, 01:40 PM
you could try editing the Samsung D profile and set a block of resolutions so that a rotated video will not match and will be transcoded fully:

<format id="h264" encode="1" codec="libx264" ffmpegadditional="h264+encoding" preferredtranscoded="1">
<dimensions width="320" height="240" />
<dimensions width="352" height="288" />
<dimensions width="352" height="480" />
<dimensions width="352" height="576" />
<dimensions width="480" height="270" />
<dimensions width="480" height="480" />
<dimensions width="480" height="576" />
<dimensions width="544" height="480" />
<dimensions width="544" height="576" />
<dimensions width="640" height="360" />
<dimensions width="640" height="480" />
<dimensions width="688" height="384" />
<dimensions width="704" height="480" />
<dimensions width="704" height="576" />
<dimensions width="720" height="406" />
<dimensions width="720" height="480" />
<dimensions width="720" height="576" />
<dimensions width="800" height="450" />
<dimensions width="1024" height="576" />
<dimensions width="1280" height="720" />
<dimensions width="1280" height="1080" />
<dimensions width="1366" height="768" />
<dimensions width="1440" height="810" />
<dimensions width="1600" height="900" />
<dimensions width="1920" height="1080" />

See PanasonicViera2011AspectRatio.prf for an example of this.

10-24-2017, 02:02 PM
Thanks Peter,

Proposed workaround will not work for me because rotated videos are in standard resolution and I don't wont to transcode the whole library.
So feature request:
Add video rotation tag support to device profiles. I think that such thing already exists in Mezzmo for jpeg's. Unfortunately, this days (mobile phones) rotated videos are very common, and many players don't handle it. Even VLC got support recently and WMP from win7 don't handle it (don't know for win10). I can bet that support from DLNA devices is even worse.
Of course, I know this is no simple task, but with raising number of portrait videos :mad: it is pretty much necessary.