View Full Version : Mezzmo for Samsung TV app: Invitation for Beta Testers

02-22-2018, 04:16 PM
We are getting ready to start Beta testing for our new Mezzmo for Samsung TV apps.

We would like to invite a limited group of Mezzmo users to try them and provide feedback.

There will be a Mezzmo for Samsung TV app for older Samsung TVs (pre 2015) and one for newer Samsung TVs (post 2015) that are running Tizen.

How to become a Mezzmo Beta tester:

If you wish to try our new Mezzmo for Samsung TV app and agree to submit feedback back to us, then please email us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com.

In your email, please let us know:

Your Mezzmo Pro serial number. You can find this in the Help -> About dialog box in Mezzmo Pro.
Your Samsung TV model number. You can find this on the back on your TV.


This Beta testing is limited to Mezzmo Pro users only.
We will limit the number of Beta testers to keep it manageable for us. We apologize if we cannot fit you into Beta testing group.