View Full Version : BD Rips at the FireTV Stick (V2) are choppy, FireTV container is good.

10-15-2018, 05:20 PM
Is there a difference in framerate aid among the FireTV Stick and the FIreTV container?

I first observed this after I went to watch my BD Rip of The Revenant some weeks ago on my bedroom television's FireTV Stick. masses of panning at the beginning made it almost unwatchable for me as I watched a juddery, jittery display screen. It become awful sufficient that i ended watching and subscribed to a free trial of Cinemax streaming to finish it.

This morning I played around with it when I observed a similar issue with my BD Rip of Fletch Lives ultimate night. Juddery, Jittery on panning scenes. I tried the same BD Rips on my upstairs television with a FireTV box and the scenes all regarded clean.

i'm caused believe that both TVs are capable of 23.967fps. The Vizio this is the usage of the FireTV Stick has an car/off setting to locate cinema playback and it changed into set to automobile. Switching it to off made no distinction. The Samsung is clearly succesful.

I don't know if it makes any distinction, however i am streaming thru Mezzmo Media Server to each FireTV Stick and playing again via the Mezzmo app. No transcoding is

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10-16-2018, 07:54 AM
The processing power of the FireTV stick is not as good as the FireTV box so movies with lots of panning scenes may not stream smoothly at higher resolutions and bitrates. Also certain codecs on the FireTV will render in software mode instead of hardware so a video with the hevc codec will render more slowly than a video with the h264 codec.