View Full Version : Use video FILE NAME instead of metadata tags

12-11-2010, 02:00 AM
All of my many video files have file names based on their content, which is what I rely on to find what I am looking for. Unfortunately, many of my video files do NOT have accurate meta-data.

I need a DLNA server that will allow me not only to browse my shares by directory (which Mezzmo already does), but ALSO will display the FILE NAMES for my shared video files rather than embedded metadata that is usually incorrect or contains useless information like "My Video 5."

I have tried Mezzmo along with TVersity and one or two other DLNA server applications and so far they all seem to have this same behavior without providing the user an option to show file names rather than metadata. In some of the other support forums I see numerous other users requesting this feature, but so far in my hunting I have yet to find a solution.

I would think this ought to be a simple option to provide, and would appreciate any help anyone can provide in finding a way to see my file names on my TV screen.

12-13-2010, 08:55 AM
Thank you for the suggestion - we'll consider adding such an option in a future version. If you can find a tool that would strip out metadata information from your files, then that's a possibility as well, because if a file doesn't contain metadata, the filename will be used as its title.