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05-23-2019, 11:38 PM
I use Pale Moon 27.6.1 64-bit, DownloadStudio (from Conceiva), and FlashGot (probably the most recent version compatible with PM). When I have FlashGot set to download media using DownloadStudio and try to download YouTube videos, DownloadStudio commonly gets confused and downloads videoplayback instead of the video. Do you know of an issue that might be causing this?

05-24-2019, 08:01 AM
The Firefox addon for Pale Moon will get the URL of the YouTube video and pass it to DownloadStudio, the name of the video in the URL is videoplayback.mp4. The actual title of the YouTube video is not passed to DownloadStudio so only the name from the URL can be used. You can cancel this download then try to download the video again and the YouTube page Url will be passed to DownloadStudio so that the title of the video can be set.