Searching for a plot of land in Croatia: Questions and Options

    I have been dreaming of buying a plot of land abroad for a long time, and Croatia seems like a great place to do it. I am interested in the availability of land plots for sale in this country: which areas are the most promising for investment, what are the prices and what are the conditions of purchase. Maybe someone has already searched for land plots in Croatia and can share their experience?
  2. Kladefash
    I have heard that there are quite a few plots of land for sale in Croatia, especially in coastal areas. But one should definitely research the market and sort out the documents before making any decisions
  3. jadewej
    Yes, I too am curious about the options available for buying plots of land in Croatia. There are probably many options, but you need to consider their location, availability of infrastructure and other factors. By the way, I found an interesting site where you can look at plots of land for sale in Croatia
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