MVP thread

  1. kobart
    Contrary to popular belief, MVP is not only the minimum set of features.
    You should also remember about covering 3 other areas:

    Reliability no bugs, no crashes, no disappointment.

    Usability simple UI and legibility.

    User Experience what makes your app unique and lovable.
  2. greengo
    MVP is needed thing for my digital product. Used information before its creation. Based on the product nature and target audience, it’s relatively easy to pick an initial platform. Launching on many of them at the same time usually doesn’t make much sense as it would multiply the development costs, slow down the development, increase the overall complexity, and make it harder to pivot.
  3. syrax
    When developing an MPV, it is essential to get feedback from potential users to complete its purpose.

    One of the best strategies we can recommend is to implement a specific channel to contact the customer.
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