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  1. After working with Peter, we tested...

    After working with Peter, we tested pre-transcoding a problematic file in matroska container and it started in barely a second. I now know Mezzmo is not the culprit. Thanks!
  2. I have sent the logs to the provided email...

    I have sent the logs to the provided email address. PS I never used transcoding before, and am using the same Samsung C profile as always.
  3. Start streaming to TV super slow start and/or TV crash


    Been using Mezzmo for years and I love it. The past few months though, using same PC, TV and configuration as I always did, a LOT of videos that I stream to my TV (Samsung old C series...
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    Sorry Paul, I had to re-install Mezzmo prior to...

    Sorry Paul, I had to re-install Mezzmo prior to the upgrade and been running the trial for a bit... forgot to re-register!! thanks for your help and quick response as always though! :-)
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    Cannot limit access of folders anymore

    Hello, with prior version, you could right click any folder in the library and there was an option for limiting accesses per folder, per device. That option is now gone from the right click menu...
  6. jeez, did not notice that window sizing was...

    jeez, did not notice that window sizing was enabled. That did the trick, thanks Paul for your great help and patience as always. Can't believe I scrapped everything for such a silly thing!
  7. Properties dialog is sometimes drawn blank with no text.


    No matter which version of Mezzmo I now use (4.0.6, downgraded to 4.0.4, then to 3.x) i have blank tabs in properties of my videos. Video, subtitles and transcoding tabs are blank. I can get...
  8. several recent issues - getting frustrated!!!

    Hi there,

    OK, with 2.6.7, pretty any video I play keeps disconnecting on my Samsung C (no error message, just the stream stopping and next episode/file kicking in instead)... PS3 is having a hard...
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    Mezzmo 2.5 crashes when exiting

    Hello everyone,

    Ever since I upgraded Mezzmo to version 2.5, it crashes whenever I exit the application (Windows 7 tells me Mezzmo has stopped responding and then that the program has stopped...
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