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  1. Is there a way to play next video like music does?

    I'm not sure if this is a Mezzmo thing or a feature of the TV (Pananic Viera in this case)

    For music files, once one track finished the next track plays. Quite sensible really.
    For photos,...
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    Content rating skip to default country

    That's a nice long list of content rating for lots of different countries you have there. One thing that would make it just a little quicker to apply would be to automatically skip to down the list...
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    Metadata cache and import/export

    Having just spent a weekend updating content ratings on far too many kids videos so I can stop them accidentally watching CSI or anything more interesting, here's some thoughts to improve the...
  4. New profile for Panasonic Viera no longer plays MPEG2-TS


    I've just upgraded to v4.0.6.0 and apart from a few niggles during the update we're loving it. The ability to restrict the TV to only showing kid-friendly rated stuff during daylight ours is...
  5. Dennis: Wow! That's an impressive response. Any...

    Dennis: Wow! That's an impressive response. Any idea when that'll be released so I can play? I have 11 days left on the trial that's on my house server. I have just been looking at another ...
  6. Hi Dennis, Thanks for the info. I guess I'm...

    Hi Dennis,
    Thanks for the info. I guess I'm stuck with it, which is a pity as Mezzmo has been the most impressive product we've been looking at.

    Microsoft seem to think that you can set...
  7. Mezzmo must be run as an administrator on your operating system - why???

    I don't run as an admin user normally, as is good practice, so why does Mezzmo insist on running as an Admin while launching the GUI? I can understand that for installing, but not for using.
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