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    Sony W80 Series and streaming subtitles

    I am just wondering if someday you guys might start streaming subtitles to the post-2013 TVs from Sony.

    I say this because, currently the my TV (KDL-42W807A) can read external subtitles from a...
  2. Found a "solution" change the Windows Media...

    Found a "solution" change the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service to Manual, and Disable it.

    It worked like a charm!
  3. Here's the log 1 - Sep 02 18:47:32.551 -...

    Here's the log

    1 - Sep 02 18:47:32.551 - ****************************************************************

    2 - Sep 02 18:47:32.551 - Version

    3 - Sep 02 18:47:32.551 -...
  4. How can I detect which socket is connected to a port, and how to disable it??


    I've bought Mezzmo a couple days ago, since my Samsung PC share decided to go bad.

    I've unistalled it and Mezzmo didn't work.

    Then i saw that hamachi could be a bad thing for mezzmo,...
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