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  1. OK, I got it. I can get a new cookie and a new...

    OK, I got it. I can get a new cookie and a new URL to the same download, but the trouble is: I can't change use them to resume, because, if my memory serves well, if I make the slightest change in a...
  2. Resuming a download whose cookie expires quickly


    I need suggestions regarding how to handle a special download suggestion. I am willing to download from a web site on which I have a membership account. The site sets a cookie on each of its...
  3. Internet Explorer toolbar of DownloadStudio is not installed


    I knew this issue for a while but I every time I forget to report. When DownloadStudio is installed in a multi-user environment, sometimes users do not have DownloadStudio toolbar displayed in...
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    DownloadStudio's treacherous behavior

    I'm writing this to report a critical issue with DownloadStudio, as this the third time it is happening and I can't stand it anymore.

    A few days ago, I captured a number of video links...
  5. Two important note: First, your workaround for...

    Two important note:
    First, your workaround for Windows Vista also does not work for me. Perhaps because in Windows Vista, I use a Standard User Account in which innately inhibits elevation.
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    Which one is my download speed?

    This snapshot is taken from program Windows while a single file is being downloaded. Can you please tell me why these two numbers, which are supposed to be "download speed" are different?...
  7. URL Sniffer Issue on Windows XP Still Unresolved


    I have just downloaded the most recent version of DownloadStudio. URL Sniffer issue which I had previously reported still persists: When URL Sniffer is run under a standard user account...
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    Excellent Work, Paul. My experiments shows...

    Excellent Work, Paul.

    My experiments shows that you are indeed right: The "User-Agent" parameter only applies for manually-added downloads. So, my last request here would be to add a text note...
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    Pleasure was all mine. Although, I feel obliged...

    Pleasure was all mine. Although, I feel obliged to comment on your responses.

    I AM running version 5.

    On my computer, the Select Network Device list is often empty. To work around this...
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    DownloadStudio 5: Shortcomings in brief

    Changing settings for a half-complete download will reset it to zero:
    Needless to say that this is a very irritating problem.

    Does not support download from multiple mirrors:
    Being a able to...
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