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  1. None of the suggestions worked. While...

    None of the suggestions worked.

    While stabbing around in the dark, I changed a setting from run Mezzmo as a service to run as a console application. That caused it to crash every time I tried...
  2. Web interface won't accept username and passwords set in V5.1, worked in previous ver

    I updated to V5.1 yesterday. Now, I cannot use the web browser to log in. Set user names and passwords in Web access panel, then went to web browser link, entered login and pw, but comes up...
  3. Will Mezzmo 5 be able to run on Windows XP Sp3

    Will Mezzmo 5 run properly on a Windows xp SP3 machine? I need a new computer, I know. Just hate to scrap this one because it works and does everything I need.
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