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    Mezzmo on Windows 10: Simply does not work

    I edit this post to close it. Sorry.

    The problem that I experimented not for Mezzmo in Windows 10: Is for bad Mezzmo BBDD Backup. And, when restore on w10 that make crazy mezzmo.

    For my luck I...
  2. At the first: Thanks for reply. I wait with high...

    At the first: Thanks for reply. I wait with high expectations the new version.

    About time-update smart list...: That not solve the problem because if I have automatic downloads in a folder i need...
  3. Please: PREFERED sound channel by LANG & Triggers at end of play


    I bought this app 2 or 3 years ago and I still using Mezzmo because it's really great job.

    I only have two request, one really important for some regions:

    Preferred audio...
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