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  1. Internet Image Search Returns Nothing (Mezzmo for Windows)

    Internet Image Search returns "not found" for any query (even simplest ones) both in albums and in playlist settings.

    As FreeDB was closed and GnuDB took over (just found this out) I changed the...
  2. Better management of multiple formats of the same music - i.e. lossless vs lossy

    I have probably 80% of my music library with FLAC files, but it is not by artist or anything other than by album. I have ripped all to lossy as well, as many players such as in the car don't cope...
  3. Better handling for external playlists / automation around playlists

    To enable better support for external playlists, can we have:

    1. the ability to automatically create external playlists from any (non-linked) playlists managed in Mezzmo in e.g. W3U and other...
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    Arghhhhhh...... done exactly the same again!

    Done exactly the same again - tried a repair of the installation and still the same! As it takes forever to setup the libraries, really getting to the point where I'll have to find another product to...
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    Just having exactly the same issue - was on...

    Just having exactly the same issue - was on, upgraded to (which did a backup of my library, so hopefully that will be good) and still happened.

    So I uninstalled (which took...
  6. Convert Linked Playlist to Standard Platylist

    Given you have a playlist import feature, it would be really good to be able to convert an existing Linked Playlist to a Standard Playlist.
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    Copy and Paste (or Duplicate) Playlists

    Sometimes I setup quite complex playlists which it would be useful to be able to duplicate (copy and paste, or simply "duplicate") and modify rather than setting up each one individually.
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    Sort order - suggestion: multiple sorts

    It would be great if you allowed multiple levels of sort (say up to 6 levels, on any playlist type) in a similar way as you allow multiple levels of grouping in the Smart Playlists.

    With this...
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    Yes - as an example Cakewalk's SONAR has great...

    Yes - as an example Cakewalk's SONAR has great multi-touch support but is a "traditional" Windows app. The Windows platform since Windows 7 has supported touch, although it is significantly better in...
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    Updates to FFmpeg

    Having clicked through from your site to the FFmpeg site, it appears there is a new build of FFmpeg available. To install this, do I simply download the static versions of the build from...
  11. Pioneer X-HM71-K Wireless DNLA CD and HiFi and WMA VBR more than 320kbps

    I have (just) noticed that a number of WMA files that I thought I had played successfully through this device no longer play. I currently have the device set as a Pioneer Network Audio Player, and it...
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    64-bit Support

    Given most Windows machines (and pretty much all servers) are 64-bit, it would be good to have a native 64-bit version of the whole application to take full advantage of the platform.
  13. Playlists not appearing on Sony Home Theatres

    I have a Sony BD-E380 and DBV-EF220 home theatres. Both are recognised with Sony 2012 profiles.
    Media seems to be found correctly, but my playlists are not showing.
    I have a mixture of Smart and...
  14. Re: Multi Level Sort By option in Smart Playlists

    This is exactly the option I was going to suggest - it would have made it possible for some of my complex playlists to be done using smart playlists.
    Looking forwards to seeing this added.
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