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  1. Video files not showing after update

    I updated Mezzmo and now none of the folders that contain movies show them anymore.

    The folders that contained my movies where removed from the library too. I have added the folders back to the...
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    movies stopping with 20 minutes to go???

    I have watch three movies in the past week and they have all stopped with 20 minutes left to go.

    I have watched this on a Samsung plasma which used to work fine and on a Yamaha BD A1010 which also...
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    Chaptering for Yamaha BDA 100

    Is there a way to create chapters for the Yamaha BDA 1010 like there is for the Samsung T.V's?

  4. Video screen shots for thumbnails versus DVD cover for thumbnails

    Hi Guys.....

    I prefer viewing my video thumbnails with the original DVD cover rather than the default Mezzmo selected screen shot.

    The manual way to do this is to go into the videos properties,...
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