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  1. Hi! I checked the videos properties in the video...

    I checked the videos properties in the video tab. Preferred audio channel is set to german at all files.
    Then I checked Extras->Options>Streaming Preferred audio is also set to german.
    When I...
  2. Android App on FireTV using wrong audio track when multiple tracks available

    I recently bought the Mezzmo Android app for FireTV. The app is quite cool, I am using Mezzmo for PC now for long time so it is nearly a perfect addon...

    There is only one thing I find...
  3. Stuttering/Stopping Playback after about 20 minutes

    I am currently having a problem with playback of videos on my Panasonic Viera (2010 3D model).

    Everything runs smooth and fine for about 20 minutes. Then the playback suddenly...
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    TX-P42VT20 Which profile to use

    Hello to the other side of the globe :-) !
    I am currently trying to figure out which device profile to use for my Panasonic TX-P42VT20.
    Tried the Viera TV and the Viera TV (2011 models) but I with...
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