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  1. Hi, yes.. to setup per Device is also an...


    yes.. to setup per Device is also an option but think: Maybe they login on to another computer (kids are intelligent), and use this device to watch... then i have to block all devices... ERGO:...
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    Mezzmo - Media Server not there any more

    Hi @All,

    I hope somebody help me.
    For the background first:

    Mezzmo is installed on a Application Server in my Domain (Private). The Domain works perfect.
    Windows Server 2008 R2

    Now my...
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    System User for Servers


    another Feature what I miss is: When it runs as MediaServer and it is installed on a Wndows Server there is no chance to Use the System User as of regulary for Services.

    Maybe it is...
  4. Playlists/Auto Playlists with Rights/Permissions needed

    Hi @All,

    I bought the tool and Im very happy with. Its better than Twonky because it runs without problems. Nevertheless I have the following important suggestion for a needed Feature in that...
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