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  1. Browsing folder Samsung TV turns off after 90 seconds

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the great product.

    Is there a limit on the number of files in a dynamic folder?

    The issue I have had for the last few weeks is when i browse two particular folders...
  2. Help with TV Meta data? Episodes.xml and series.xml examples?

    Could I please get some instructions on setting up TV meta data properly using series.xml and/or episode.xml or whatever is the best way to manage this information.

    I have my tv setup as such
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    Sure thing. Double click on any movie file....

    Sure thing.

    Double click on any movie file. Change Artwork -> Get internet artwork
    Change the title to: Donnie.Darko
    Search and it finds the cover for donnie darko


    now click "Get...
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    Inconsistency in Title searches

    Great product. It's solved my streaming problems and is much better than the other ones I had been battling with. It just works, except...

    When I "Change Artwork -> Get internet artwork", it...
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