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  1. Bulk change file extension using DB Browser for SQLite?

    I have well over a thousand video files that I have that I've spent a lot of time curating in Mezzmo.

    Up until 2 years ago, my .mp4 files were getting the extension .m4v (no judging, please)....
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    I must be doing something wrong. I follow that...

    I must be doing something wrong. I follow that the default media server port is 53168 and is shown in the 'Media Server Settings' dialog. I also see that the Remote access port is blank by default. I...
  3. Change video file extension to appease PS4 media player

    I would like to change my video files from having a .m4v extension to having a .mp4 extension to accommodate the PS4 media player which apparently can't figure out it doesn't need to transcode a .m4v...
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