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  1. Same problem, swapping to console mode fixed it...

    Same problem, swapping to console mode fixed it for me.
  2. Access Mezzmo from NowTv box / Roku via sideload ?

    Is there an app that can be sideloaded onto a NowTV box, that will pick up content from Mezzmo ? The NowTV is basically a rebadged Roku and can be persuaded to sideload one app if it's packaged...
  3. Mezzmo lost the main database by moving itself elsewhere

    This evening I found all my playlists, files, everything were gone fwhen I browsed Mezzmo from any device, and Mezzmo was serving up a number of strange folders I didn't recognize, all empty. It...
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    Mails to bounce ?

    I've been trying for a while to send in a support request, but mails bounce with an error like this one. Does anyone know an alternative address I could use? (I'm sending from Gmail)

    This is an...
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    Good point - I meant 'streaming'.

    Good point - I meant 'streaming'.
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    Tray icon - activity indicator

    At the moment it takes several clicks to see if Mezzmo is active. In our house it's used a lot and it would be good to streamline things by having the Windows notification tray icon change colour or...
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    Support for Google Chromecast device

    Google have announced the Chromecast HDMI streamer ($35, Amazon link) which is now available although demand is currently outstripping supply.

    In order to work it requires the media be...
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    That is indeed very poor. I tried this and as you...

    That is indeed very poor. I tried this and as you mentioned, got all the items in one huge messy list, with no folder structure. Them I remembered that Win7 has a built-in answer to this problem -...
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    Unified playlist from multiple drives

    How can a create a playlist that shows a merged list of files from two different disk folders?

    I have a playlist 'TV Fiction' that came from a single disk folder. Now the drive is full so I have...
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    Could you please explain how to do the profile...

    Could you please explain how to do the profile change? This feature is GREAT and works very well on my Samsung C650 television. I've found the directory C:\ProgramData\Conceiva\Mezzmo\DeviceProfiles...
  11. My situation is complicated enough that it may...

    My situation is complicated enough that it may not help. However, despite the different software and different connectivity, the time to mezzmo appearance is the same; never instant, always within a...
  12. Same here, it seems to be a 'feature' of Mezzmo. ...

    Same here, it seems to be a 'feature' of Mezzmo.

    When viewed from a Samsung-C television, and a PC running XBMC, I get my media host's Windows 7 sharing detected instantly and always. However on...
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    Can't stop subtitles being sent to television

    Hi, I have lately installed Mezzmo for my new Samsung C650 television. I've a number of videos with .srt subtitles, which display fine on the television.

    The problem is, the subtitles -always-...
  14. Windows media player (WMP) client loses folder structure

    I'm aiming to stream to a PCs as well as the TV, and I'm having problems with Media Player. There don't seem to be many DLNA clients for PCs, which is odd, so I don't have much choice but to use it....
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