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    dont leave out the "search" library .. even that...

    dont leave out the "search" library .. even that would be great .. BUT i do like your suggestions as well ... I'm toying with the idea of using an IR blaster and programming it but UGH .. tedious...
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    preferred media player

    As several folks have commented on the Shield .. i also got this unit about 4 years ago i havent looked back. Pricier yes. Quality is out of the ball park. "The bitterness of poor quality far...
  3. Suggestion for Mezzmo Android 2.0 & NVidia Shield

    Hi There,

    Just got Nvidia shield (replaces WDTV live that went belly up) and boy great investment .. Also installed Mezzmo Android ... These are a couple of suggestions (or possibly some...
  4. Embedded Metadata in mkv File -- Format ? XML ?

    Hi There,

    I've finally cleaned up many messy metadata in my MVK files using the MKVtoolnix and JMkvpropedit and SQLite tools .... I've made sure that all my MKV embedded titles are correct. ...
  5. ODD Behavior .. Missing Actors wont "refresh" after manual properties search 400+

    Hi There,

    Great product .. Running version -- Suddenly my list of movies suddenly have about 400+ titles that do not show the actors and other metadata. I open the individual Title...
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    Artwork suddenly not seen by WDTV Live

    Hi Everyone,

    Updated to Mezzmo V4.1.3 recently and both my WDTV live boxes suddenly aren't getting the artwork for the Video files. I've restored the DB, I've check the 'new' folder called Poster...
  7. Coises, Excellent thanks very much .. those...


    Excellent thanks very much .. those were exactly the details i was trying to figure out ... i appreciate your time to reply ...

    Have a great evening.


  8. Connecting Mezzmo "desktop" to Mezzmo Media Server installed on 2 different machines

    Good Morning,

    I'm not sure if this has been covered. I am running a dedicated machine (Windows 7 Ultimate) for mezzmo media server -- call it machine #1. I generally use a laptop, also running...
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    Hi There, Paul ... thanks for your work ... I...

    Hi There,

    Paul ... thanks for your work ... I decided to simply 'kill' the windows server 2008 R2 machine and installed windows 7 ultimate instead and converted it to a multi-user machine using...
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    Peter, Thanks very much .. I tried it ... no...


    Thanks very much .. I tried it ... no love ... still captures a ton of memory loading the entire file and no release after completion. I had looked at that thread earlier but had not found...
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    Memory Leak continues ? same issue as previous .. new 'flavor' -- errr .. help


    I am running Mezzmo (newly updated) on a Windows Server 2008 R2 platform -- running on a 32GB i7-2600K 14TB machine. While i get no error messages i've traced that there still...
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