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    Are the appropriate ports forwarded on your...

    Are the appropriate ports forwarded on your router?

    Some other possibilities here
  2. Remote Access to Mezzmo from Roko Streaming Stick?

    Hi, thanks again for a fantastic piece of software, I've just bought a Roku Streaming Stick and the Mezzmo Roku app works great on it. Does the Mezzmo for Roku app support remote access so I can...
  3. Mezzmo 5.0.3 and Mezzmo Android 2.0 App

    Thanks for an excellent update of Mezzmo and the associated Android app - very pleased so far, just have one question regarding the latest Mezzmo Android app. When viewing videos on my "Samsung SIII...
  4. Full version of Mezzmo for latest Kindle Fire 7" ?

    Hi, I've found the Mezzmo app in the Amazon appstore, it's the trial but when I opt to purchase I get "this app is not supported on your device"

    I already have a paid-for copy of Mezzmo for...
  5. Sony Bravia KDL-60W605B "File not found." message when trying to play MP4 format vids

    TV: Sony Bravia KDL-60W605B
    Profile: Sony Bravia KDL (2014 models)

    I have an issue with trying to play MP4 (and some MKV) format videos on the TV through Mezzmo (v4.1.3.0). It seems to play...
  6. Thanks Paul, I was still struggling getting it to...

    Thanks Paul, I was still struggling getting it to work, but did a Mezzmo database reset and it's working great now. Thanks for your assistance. :)
  7. Thanks Paul, here's an example with a video I...

    Thanks Paul, here's an example with a video I took on my mobile phone and copied to the computer under "c:\users\videos\<my username>\home videos\candy.mp4". As you can see from the screenshots, the...
  8. Thanks Paul, I've just tried all the Sony KDL...

    Thanks Paul, I've just tried all the Sony KDL profiles listed but they all say "no contents to display" when browsing for music. It's not a major issue as I tend not to listen to music on the TV...
  9. How can I stop incorrect metadata being assigned to a video file?

    Hi, I have a few files that are being incorrectly identified by their metadata. Whenever I maintain my library a handful of video files are showing up as the wrong film information, poster etc. ...
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    Mezzmo & Avast Free - false positive?

    Avast Anti-Virus Free Edition detecting mezzmo.exe linking to malware at ?

  11. Sony Bravia Profile Not Seeing Music Library Contents?

    Hi, I'm a new user of Mezzmo for Windows and for Android, being a previous user of Plex Media Server.

    I have a quick query regarding the playback of music files on my Sony Bravia KDL60W605...
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