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    Random/shuffle playlist?

    My A/V Receiver doesn't support playing music files in a random order.
    Is there a way for Mezzmo to create a playlist which changes the file order in a playlist periodically or even every time it's...
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    Mezzmo at half the price! Today only!

    Just thought I'd share:

    I finally bought it myself :)
  3. 1. Yes, I'm using the Samsung C profile. Yes, the...

    1. Yes, I'm using the Samsung C profile. Yes, the subtitles menu is accessed via Tools on the TV.

    2. My library was created using Tools -> "Setup Your Mezzmo Library...". It's an internal drive....
  4. Subtitles work, but no subtitle menu on TV + other issues.

    I recently installed Mezzmo to use it with my Samsung UE55C8000.
    So far it looks like the best software from all those I tried and I'm really considering buying it.

    There are 3 minor issue I'd...
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