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    Puzzled as to why some MKV videos would stream effortlessly to my JVC television but others would not, I stumbled on the solution late last night when episode six of a series would not play but all others would; it turned out that episode six had an additional period in the filename (i.e., was of the form xxx.yyy.mkv) whilst all others has d space at that point (xxx yyy.mkv). It therefore looks as if Mezzmo is taking the first period as the file-type delimiter rather than the last. Would it be possible for this behaviour to be improved ?

    Apart from that, a brilliant piece of software, for which very sincere thanks.
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    Mezzmo gets the filetype by querying the file contents with ffmpeg. The periods in the filename have no effect on the file except for the naming. Possibly the JVC television is using the periods in the file title to get the type, older LG TVs do this. When a file is added to Mezzmo periods in the filename are removed to create a cleaner title with noise words removed, did this happen for the file or did the periods remain?

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    Thank you Peter — I am a complete newcomer to DLNA, so did not realise that the television gets to see the original filename (I thought that all it saw was streaming video). I shall copy a file with name-format xxx.yyy.mkv to a USB stick and see if the television can render it, comparing the results to a renamed copy with a space replacing the first period, and report back.

    P.S. I can in the meantime confirm that files with name-format xxx.yyy.mkv are displayed in the Mezzmo playlist with the first period replaced by a space, and with the extension/file-type displayed in a second column.
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