Hello, new user, tried some other DLNA servers for use with my Samsung TV (2019) from my Windows XP computer.

Apart from having some problems with advapi32.dll when editing stuff on the server part (running Windows XP) I'm wondering why Mezzo is downloading "text metadata and artwork for videos from internet" although I have set it to not to do that, just use information from files.
Tools/Options/Retrieving Metadata/Metadata Retrieval Settings... has settings to only use local information (embedded in file, filepath)

I basically just want to reach my files from the TV as if I opened the folder on my computer. Same layout, no multiple folder sorting in various types (Director, Genre, Actor etc etc etc), the internet files "that it's downloading also doesn't identify some files correctly and I don't know how to wipe it.
I tried a couple of others that worked without problems but I thought I should try a version that is still developed (though perhaps also not fully evolved) as I'm also considering transcoding all divx/xvid that the Samsung TV:s don't support in their current version (neither DST BTW). I have used TVersity before with the PS3 and that has worked fine, don't expect transcoding with Mezzo should work any different.

Should I just erase the database and try again?
I downloaded the version I'm using from the official page yesterday, it would be a bit annoying to now learn that there's a new version that solves all problems...