I have access to a lot of online video content, this content is accessed via .strm files. The stream file contains the link to the online video file, eg (http://site.com:80/series/abc002/256...t=ts/58915.mkv).

Is there a way to add a folder of .strm files into Mezzmo and have the metadata imported for the file. The .strm files are named as per the correct naming convention ie. 24.S01E01.strm. I have added links from the .strm file manually via the add to library, add url function, but this does not trigger a download for the metadata for the file as the name of the video is contained in the name of the .strm file.

I currently use Emby Server as my media server, which has the ability to add a folder of .strm files in as a library, it will then treat the .strm file the same as a video file, and then will download all of the correct metadata for that file.

I would like to purchase Mezzmo Pro, however if I am unable to use .strm files the software is of no use to me.

Any help would be appreciated.