I'm trying to figure out how to get various devices connected to Mezzmo via DTS PlayFi - this would be a huge coup for me at home, strictly for music. On my test device (iPhone 8+ with latest updates) the device is identified as Media Link Player Lite, which seems to be how it detects all iGadgets. However, I'm not able to use the PlayFi "baked in" DLNA client. My *guess* is that I need a DTS PlayFi profile... BUT! I'd like this to work on iOS and Android (the Mezzmo app does not show up in DTS PlayFi as a choice for media apps). It would really be splendid to be able to use my various gadgets to control whole house music from Mezzmo.

Just in case you aren't familiar...


I have no idea what the Media Player baked in to DTS PlayFi expects, and no idea where to find it.