I've been using 8player on my iPhone 5S for a few years now without any issues and using the Generic PAL profile on the Mezzmo server (Dell Latitude E6440 with W10). I recently obtained a copy of an album in FLAC format and this wouldn't play, simply skipping over the tracks until it got to the end. So I changed the profile to Mariia Smeshkova 8player (I had used this when I first got 8player but had issues with it - can't recall what they were - so I changed to Generic PAL and that seemed to work fine till I encountered the FLAC issue. Now I have a problem where tracks randomly reset back to the start part way through or repeat on completion. Also, the track timer slider doesn't move (although I can live with that but it might be indicative of the problem). The funny thing is that if I now go back to Generic PAL, I get the same behaviour. I recently downloaded and installed Mezzmo v6 but that hasn't made any difference. Any ideas?

Regards, Gerry