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Thread: IHeart Radio Channel Support Thread

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    Default IHeart Radio Channel Support Thread

    With the release of Mezzmo 6 a new channel has been added for iHeart radio stations. I wrote the channel plugin to make it easy to play iHeart radio stations with Mezzmo. Please post any questions, issues or feature requests to this thread. I will respond as quickly as possible.

    Common Questions:

    Q. How do I install the channel ?
    A. With the Mezzmo GUI find the spot in your Mezzmo playlists where you want to install the plugin. Click on Add to Library and then select channel. Under Music you will see iHeart Radio.

    Q. What are favorites ?
    A. The plugin allows you to add up to 8 of your favorite stations to avoid searching for them. To add favorites right click on the iHeart radio menu and select properties and then settings. You can enter any description you like and then the station id. Station ids can be found by browsing the stations in the Mezzmo GUI and then right clicking on properties. The 4 digit station id can be found in the description text box.

    Q. How does the plugin get the iHeart radio station information ?
    A. The plugin pulls it from iHeart Radio's public website via their APIs. Thus the station information will be as accurate as iHeart Radio's database.

    Q. Are there any known limitations with the iHeart plugin ?
    A. The only known limitation is a lack of sorting for the stations. Currently they appear in the order they are received from iHeart's database. I have not been able to find a sort feature yet in their API. Favorites appear in the order in which you enter them.

    I hope you enjoy the plugin as much as I do. I've been testing and running it for well over 6 months.

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