I'm going to start out by saying that I might not articulate this in the best way, but I am going to try.

Have you thought about setting up "virtual channels" in Mezzmo? The idea is this. Set op these "channels" where you can put specific paths in them and they "broadcast" whenever activated with the contents of the paths, but in a random manner, sort of like a TV channel. As an example, I could add in five or six folders (with sub-folders) from various TV series and it would play them by choosing random episodes from the various series. The series themselves would still be played in episode order, but the episodes played would be random.

As a "more specific" example. I set up a "virtual channel" called 'Sitcoms R Us'. In that "virtual channel" I put in the paths to 'Modern Family', 'Big Bang Theory', 'Mork and Mindy', and 'Friends'. As soon as I selected this "virtual channel" in Mezzmo, it would automatically begin streaming an episode (picked at random) from one of these TV show paths. But it would play the episodes, from each series itself, in order. So like starting with season 1 episode 1, and so forth, but the actual show itself, like 'Mork and Mindy', 'Modern Family', Big Bang Theory', or whatever gets picked at random.

I hope that this makes sense. If it doesn't, I will endeavor to clarify.