HI All,
Under a new name due to e-mail change.

I play-back from the Mezzmo library(using VLC) on the same machine where the files and Mezzmo (6) reside. NO network feed, upload or trancoding. Just simply PLAY. I already use the right click/PLAY dropdown. And Ctrl-Q to end VLC cleanly.

This procedure is OK for me,. but I am looking for a way to use the main library interface, but lock out (or not display) library editing, server and other controls.
In other words - a fool proof interface that my grand-kids ( or wife) can use without messing up the collection! Before you say it, the Web interface would be OK, IF they don't close out of it and get into the machine and Windows stuff! Also, The web interface will not play local file without "downloading" (to itself!).

Anything or modification to do this? JRiver's interface works very well, but their library management is not as convenient or automated as Mezzo. Wth JR, you have to "program" little things like not displaying played films in a list. There "Smart" playlist isn't so smart - among other things.

Thanks in advance for your replies and suggestions.