First thing I must say, that Mezzmo is one of the essential software for home streaming on smart devices.

This is my post after ad-least 3-4 years in this forum. No problem on anything in the meantime.

I have a question, If anything can be dome with better transcoding performance on AMD Ryzen 3400G 4c/8t + Vega 11?

I would like to trancode on-the-fly x265 4K HDR to 1080p x264 for my Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung A40.

Every setting and profile is OK and it works great. Problem is performance, I get on average 20-23fps, which is to slow and slutters.

I see in task manager that ffmpeg is using only max 45% CPU and no GPU.

Sure there is a potencial to use more resources to get higher FPS.

Thank You for reply.

Best regards.