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    Quote Originally Posted by odin View Post
    I think I found another issue, I don't know if it's fixable though, when the mezzmo kodi plugin populates the movie library screen (most recent , movies, watch random ..etc), I found it doesn't include the subtitles (external) to the movie, to play the subtiles for the movie I have to go all the way into addons- mezzmo - mezzmo - movies (find the movie) and play it from here then it will include the subtitles for the movie I am playing..

    I hope this makes sense
    It makes total sense and right now it is working as designed. The addon is really meant to be run within the addon. I have Kodi set to boot straight into the addon via See the autostart section here. I also have a favorites so I can quickly go back if I exit for some reason..

    The reason you can play Mezzmo videos outside of the addon is due to the sync function the addon has between Kodi and Mezzmo. This is done so that the addon can leverage certain inherent Kodi capabilities like actor search and similar. Due to the data which is sync'd between Kodi and Mezzmo you get the Kodi library functions and such but right now external subtitle information and some other information aren't part of the sync process. That's why it works within the addon but not outside. There are other features which don't work outisde of the addon like saving bookmarks to Mezzmo (and across players), the ability to mark a Mezzmo file watched/unwatched, advanced caching to ensure Kodi has the latest images and more.

    I disable the video library displays and such within the interface skin settings in Kodi. If you really would like me to see what it would take to sync the external subtitle information between Mezzmo and Kodi I will look into it. I can't promise a turnaround time since I don't have any external subtitle files so I'll need to create a couple and more.

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