I am curious how many of you play movie trailers with the Kodi addon ? I ask because the current approach, integrating into the movie information window only allows for a single trailer. In fact Kodi itself only natively supports a single trailer unless you use another Kodi addon, which won't work with Mezzmo. I've developed an approach to support multiple trailers from Mezzmo within the Kodi addon but am wondering how much interest there is ?

The approach would add another context menu item called "Mezzmo Play Trailers" (or similar) probably below the Mezzmo Mark Watched/unWatched menu item. When you click on it, it will provide a listing of available trailers from Mezzmo (i.e. Trailer 1, Trailer 2, Trailer 3 etc...). You would be able to click on each one to play or cancel out.

Thoughts and feedback ?