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Hi John, A feature request...

Is it possible to create a 'Manual Slide Show' option. ie to be able to select a folder and display the individual images, in order, but without the built in timing options? A purely manual slideshow, each image displayed until the user presses enter or right arrow etc. Left arrow key would reverse the sequence one by one. A smooth transition effect would be a bonus. I have noticed that sometimes the transition from one image to the next produces a momentary corrupt image, although very briefly it still disrupts ones viewing experience.

Just a suggestion.



Thanks for the suggestion. I've been trying to get additional controls to work like forward / reverse with the arrows and similar. This would allow me to do what you are asking. In the interim you can pause a slideshow for now. There seems to be a limitation on the internal Kodi image player as far as what controls will work when it is displaying a picture. Kodi has a builtin slideshow player but it requires the images to be local and not served from a server. Let me continue my investigation and reach out to the Kodi developers with a couple of questions.