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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinkley60 View Post

    Thanks for the feedback. I just uploaded a newer version which fixes an issue with change detection that could cause slowness. Note that it should be slower the first time through a playlist with the Mezzmo addon because it is updating the Kodi database. Afterwards it should be much faster, depending upon your hardware and disk. If you still experience slowness after the first pass through a playlist try disabling change detection and see how much faster that is. If you disable both change detection and Kodi DB Actor copy then it is a straight uPNP browser with some added advantages of better Mezzmo integration and such. You can leave them disabled if your Mezzmo database doesn't change much or just enable them periodically to sync updats down from Mezzmo to Kodi. The addon should not have the issue with detecting new shows and such. Part of what it does is sync Mezzmo to the Kodi database to get the best of both worlds. There are some bugs in Kodi 19 with certain skins and thumbnails.

    Yes, the clear DB function wipes out everything. I knew this could be a problem even with the warnings in the Readme file Let me work on that. It might be that I end up doing a partial delete of the Mezzmo data but not all. The table structure and such within the Kodi database and the built-in triggers they have makes any deletes difficult except all. I'll move it near the top of the list and see what I can do.
    OK, I'll give the new version a try, and let you know what I find.

    Yes, there is no doubt that there are many differences with how the Kodi plugin works with various skins.
    I had asked Sualfred (Embuary author) if he could look into the problem with the Plugin, but he says he's not
    familiar with Mezzmo, and could not help. He just supports Emby.

    It was my fault for not reading the readme file, so I was certainly not blaming you for my ignorance

    ETA: Tested latest version; no luck.
    I tried using the Estuary skin, and I get way quicker loading, but the thumbs still don't show, just the backgrounds.

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