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    Default Default subtitle not streaming

    Hi Peter,

    I have a number of videos that have 2 subtitles embedded in them. The two subs are the standard English one and an SDH (Hearing Impaired subs), all the files have the English sub set as the default track flag whereas the SDH is the 2nd subtitle track in the file. For some reason Mezzmo plays the 2nd subtitle instead of the default one (that is if there is more than 1 subtitle embedded in the mkv file)? Is there a way to tell Mezzmo to play the default flagged subtitle (which is the standard English sub) instead of streaming the SDH sub. Generally if I feel like wanting to view the SDH sub I can manually change that during the video playback. Is this a bug in Mezzmo?


    Actually there might not be a bug in Mezzmo regarding this, after some fooling around with remuxing the MKV files using MKVToolNix and changing the video's first subtitle's "Default track" flag to Yes instead of the default of Determine Automatically, it seems to be streaming the first subtitle stream correctly. So the issue seemed to be that both subtitles default track flag were set at determine automatically and Mezzmo decided to stream the lowest subtitle track in the list from the looks of it?
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    If the original file is being streamed to the device then it will be up to the Device as to which subtitle is shown as Mezzmo has no control over this.

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