I've discovered an unusual Mezzmo Roku and Mezzmo for AndroidTV app issue. It doesn't appear if I use the standard Roku DLNA app. The Mezzmo Pro app on my PC, which runs the whole thing, also has these files appearing to either be folders or playlists and will not play through the app. Clicking the Properties pencil in the interface on the PC does not bring up any properties like it does with regular video files and it doesn't search for metadata on it.

It's intermittent as to which video it picks to do this to, and it goes away on the file when it picks one if I rename it or relocate it, but the app itself thinks that the file is a folder instead of an actual video file. Interestingly enough, this mostly occurs in folders like TV series folders. For instance, I just created a folder with Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. It randomly picked episode 19 and episode 22 to do this to.

What information do you need in order to troubleshoot/fix this bug?

Thank you.