Hi, This problem has arisen in the last few days. My playlists will no longer play the next file automatically on the andoid app on Fire TV. I have the loop option selected, but no joy. It just returns to the list of files, when one video has finished. I have not made any changes to the andoid app, other than to reinstall it to try and rectify the issue. The only difference in the last few days, is that I upgraded to Mezzmo Pro, and thats when the trouble seems to have started. Even playing a single video, when finished, throw me all the way back to the server screen, instead of the folder I'm currently viewing. Very strange. I have hunted evrywhere for a possible cause, but cant find anything. I rely heavily on playlists on the Fire TV android app on a loop, as my partners snoring would wake the dead, so I wear a bluetooth headband, listening to Mezzmo Android going through an entire playlist continuosly and reloop again at the end, its been a life saver. Bit dissapointed with the pro version to be honest. I mainly got it to stream outside the home network, and add some functions, but despite following detailed instructions, I cant get that to work either. Any suggestions, gratefully received.