I have a few 4k titles (HDR and non-HDR) that I stream to a FireTV 3 and a FireTV Stick 4k. Everytime I stream a 4k file the video will freeze every 27-32 minutes. The audio will continue without issue or chop up a bit but the video just freezes on screen. If I rewind or jump back about 20 seconds, it will correct itself and play normally for another 27-32 minutes and then do it again.

I normally uses VIMU Media Player for playback so I switched to the Mezzmo Internal Video Player but I get the same results with either one. I also wondered if it might be a network issue but the FireTv 4k Stick is wired while the FireTV3 is wireless and it happens consistently on both. I even disconnected the wire from the 4k stick and tried to stream wirelessly instead but the result was still the same.

I am curious if anyone else has run into this and if anyone has any idea what is causing it. The files seem to freeze after the same amount of playback time but that amount of time could shift between files. For instance 21 Jump Street will freeze every 31:06 (for example) but the Dark Knight Rises will freeze every 27:33.

It's strange.