I recently had a need to reinstall windows. I backed mezzmo up before I did.
Restarted this on the new computer and it was more or less working.
However, recently mezzmo decided to "lose" all the images for my media. So when viewing videos in any mezzmo client instead of the image I saw a white box thing with a large * on it.
When I looked at the possible reason for this it seems it may be down to the location of the mezzmo DB being different. It was on the G drive in my old install and on the C drive in the new.
So, I asked mezzmo to move the DB to my G drive. It did this.
Sadly this did not seem to resolve the issue.
However, things have now taken a turn for the worse. I restarted the computer today and now the library is totally empty.
The database location according to the options page is correctly pointing at G:\MezzmoDatabase and the folder is present and correct.

Needless to say this is somewhat of a problem !