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Thread: FFMPEG CPU Hog

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    Default FFMPEG CPU Hog

    FFMPEG is hogging 100% of my CPU.
    I've read that this has been an intermittent problem for a very long time, and I've read some of the past discussions.
    I have a Windows 7 PC and a Windows 10 PC.
    Windows 10 is my 'development machine', where I create all new media and often modify my Mezzmo library, probably on a weekly basis.
    I let a small number of people watch my Windows 7 machine, but I only update it, say monthly.
    Recently there have been several occasions when I've noticed the Windows 7 machine thrashing as a result of FFMPEG from within Mezmo.
    I hardly use transcoding, I have hardly changed the contents of the library for several months. Playlist maintenance is scheduled to run every night.
    It feels as though the problem is related to the latest release of Mezzmo. I'm on
    No changes to Windows have been made for 8 months.
    Any ideas?

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    It is possibly caused by Mezzmo creating video preview thumbnail, please check your Maintenance settings to see if the box to create video preview thumbnails is checked. You can try going to your Mezzmo database folder (see options for the location) and then stop your Mezzmo media server and exit Mezzmo then delete the file MezzmoVideoPreviewThumbnails.db. Then open Mezzmo and start your Mezzmo media server to see if the problem still occurs.

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