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    Default Actor / Actress Image Artwork

    With Mezzmo v6.0.6.0 a new feature called UserPoster was added where you can place actor / actress images to override what is scraped by Mezzmo or to add your own images for those which may be missing from the movie and TV database sites. This feature also provides the ability to share images between users. I've manually created just over 1,000 images that mostly aren't in the movie and TV database sites. A few others are ones where I didn't like the default scraped images. If there is interest I can post a zip file with them on the Mezzmo Kodi addon GitHub repioitory for folks to download. Any Mezzmo client which displays the actor / actress images, including the Mezzmo Android app, will be able to leverage this. All you would need to do is download the zip file and unzip it into the UserPoster folder.

    Let me know if there is interest. I'd also be willing to post periodic updates, since I continually find missing images.


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    Jeff, it sounds like a great idea and would be much appreciated by many (including me). As if you're not busy enough!
    Marty Davey.

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